Spiritual Gifts One Day Retreat




The biblical authors describe the “spiritual gifts” (charismata) and emphasize their importance for Christian communities. Unfortunately, the interpretation of these biblical passages and particularly the practice of charismata is too often divisive among Christians. This Retreat is designed to give sound teaching about the “spiritual gifts” and the blessed work of the Holy Spirit. It offers believers of Jesus Christ the opportunity to test and discern how they have been gifted for service. All that is presented during this Retreat will assume that all the “spiritual giftings” are still granted by the sovereign choice of the Holy Spirit and meant to be operated in by believers as an essential part of their uniquely designed ways of serving God in the Church, the Body of Christ, as well as in their interactions with non-Christians.


Registration required

3/21: 9 AM – 4 PM

Lunch included



Catalina Methodist Church

2700 E Speedway Blvd