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Peace Talks, The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War – by David Drum


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In “Peace Talks,” pastor and community developer David Drum examines America’s current state of disunion, and offers both a revealing look at the origins of the Donkey Elephant war, as well as a profound vision for the role of Jesus’ followers in lighting the way to greater unity. Modeling the kind of give-and-take “Peace Talks” advocates, David’s son Mike Drum even contributed a chapter from his own very-different perspective, demonstrating how people with contrasting worldviews on life and politics can work powerfully together.

If you’re searching for a peace that speaks louder than today’s cultural shouting match; if you’re curious how those with an affinity for Jesus might offer a better way of listening and talking through deeply-held differences — if you’re ready for some good news — join David Drum and discover how “Peace Talks”.

ISBN-13: 978-1734814804