Ancient Art of Iconography: Create Your Own – Class I


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Learn about the ancient artwork created by monks from the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition around the sixth century. The art pieces are meant to be not only a way of giving Glory to God, a Meditative and Prayerful session, a learning time, a resemblance of a sacred figure, but also a creative Spiritual practice. The pieces themselves are not meant to be worshipped but to be a reminder of the person depicted, much like your photo of a family member.

The class is charmingly taught by Alex Kouvel, of Greek heritage, who grew up learning to love the art form. Alex has a desire to share the beauty and significance of Icon’s as he teaches imparting his many years of experience.

There is an Introduction, Class I and Class II, and as a bonus there is a workbook with details of materials needed, steps and process, prayers, samples, and resources. Please enjoy this unique class. It will be a blessing to you and to others as they become acquainted with and view the pieces you and others create.