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We Are A Christian Center

Bringing the Contemplative Prayer Lifestyle to everyday folks.

Via de Dios was initially organized in October 2016 as a resource for a struggling population needing answers & strategies for improving lives; physically, mentally, & spiritually. Our IRS filing as a nonprofit organization was approved August 2017.

For over 8 years, Via de Dios has presented a plethora of classes to address needs in an educational format. In time, we intentionally revived the lost treasure of Contemplative Living in the Ancient traditions of Christianity as a path or lifestyle that reveals the pearls, the nuggets of wisdom written in Scripture and of the wisdom of saints and mystics throughout the ages from the time of Christ.

This ancient path is all encompassing. The Contemplative Living approach to life is Wholistic. It includes techniques to embolden individuals along the pilgrimage of life by supporting the balance of body, mind & spirit. Education & training is offered in a nurturing “greenhouse” setting as an opportunity to grow a deeper experiential “knowing” relationship with God. Through the Institute of Contemplative Studies, a school for the development of beginners to the mature “Aspirelings”/Students, Virtues are affirmed, skills are learned, purpose is discovered & life is transformed by God.

Via de Dios offers a Contemplative Living approach to life including techniques to embolden in body, mind & spirit. Our Institute of Contemplative Studies, a nurturing “greenhouse” setting, offers opportunities to grow deeper experientially with God. Beginners to mature “Aspirelings” are trained. Virtues are affirmed, skills learned, purpose discovered & life is transformed by God.

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